Parent Involvement Policy 

Daughtry Elementary School believes that our school belongs to the people of our community who created it by consent and taxation, and is only as strong as the informed and knowledgeable support of its citizens, school administration, faculty, and staff. This support is based upon their knowledge and understanding of, as well as their participation in, the development of the goals and objectives of the public schools, the district, and school-level involvement policy.

We, therefore, affirm and assure the right of parents of children participating in activities funded by Title I IASA, to opportunities (including but not limited to action teams, strategic planning committees, community meetings, parent workshops, surveys, and questionnaires) to collaboratively participate in:

 The design and implementation and evaluation of the Daughtry Elementary School Plan including parental involvement activities as stipulated under section 1112 of the Act;

 The development and revision of parental involvement policy and compact at the district and school level to ensure the implementation of activities that are beneficial to all parents as stipulated under section 1112 of the Act;

 The decisions regarding how funds from the minimum .01% reservation are allotted for parental involvement activities as mandated in section 1115 of the Act.

Daughtry Elementary ensures that the expectations of parents set at the local school are clearly established and distributed to parents of participating students when they are enrolled in Title I funded activities. The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction assists in the coordination of, and provides technical assistance to each Title I eligible school as needed to ensure the effective planning and implementation of parental involvement activities.

Since Title I focus on creating a greater capacity for parental involvement, Daughtry Elementary will maintain the following principles that should build both school and parent capacity for parental involvement. Community meetings, parent workshops, brochures, and other media or avenue of learning that is appropriate for the information to be conveyed will help provide the training necessary to meet our goal of parental involvement.

1. Daughtry Elementary School parental involvement programs assist participating parents in acquiring an understanding of the following to the extent applicable or feasible:

 National Education Goals;

 State Title I content standards and student performance standards: Butts County Schools: Title I LEA Plan;

 School improvement and corrective action process;

 Components of a school-wide program;

 State and local assessments;

 Requirements for Title I, Part A;

 Ways parents can monitor their children's progress and work with educators to improve the performance of their children;

 Ways parents can participate in decisions relating to the education of their children.

2. The District and Daughtry Elementary parent involvement programs, to the extent feasible and applicable, provide materials and training such as (but not limited to) the coordination of literacy training from other sources to help parents work with their children to improve their children's achievement and direct training to help parents work with their children to improve their achievement and the areas outlined in the previous item. The Butts County School System Title I Program and Daughtry Elementary School educate teachers, pupil service personnel, principals and other staff members, with the assistance of parents, in the value and utility of contributions of parents and in ways to reach out to, communicate and work with parents as equal partners, implement in this area will not be limited to local workshops but


may include attendance to regional and state parent conferences and other appropriate avenues of learning.

3. To the extent feasible, appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses in parent involvement are collaboratively developed with Daughtry Elementary Partners in Education and School Council, to include (but not limited to) the provision of opportunities for organizations and businesses to work with parents and schools and encourage the formation of partnerships between Daughtry Elementary and local businesses that include a role for parents and other opportunities such as life skills training, family crisis intervention, and community education opportunities.

4. Daughtry Elementary, to the extent appropriate and feasible, promotes opportunities for parents to learn about child development and child-rearing beginning at birth that are designed to help parents to become full partners in the education of their children. A survey will be given to parents to plan parent involve activities.

5. The development of training activities for teachers, principals and other educators will involve Title I parents when feasible to improve the instruction and services to Title I students.

6. Meetings involving parents will be arranged at a variety of times, such as mornings and evenings, to maximize opportunities for parents to participate in school-related activities.

7. Teachers and other educators who work directly with participating children may arrange in-home conferences where appropriate and feasible, with parents who are unable to attend conferences scheduled at school.

8. Daughtry Elementary will provide other reasonable, appropriate, and feasible support for parental involvement activities, if parents request it.

Daughtry Elementary School uses the following methods to provide parents with timely information about Title I programs and the academic progress of the students. Information about the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities are sent to parents in a format they can understand.

 Agendas: Each student in grades K-5 receives an agenda to help parents know when assignments are due. The agenda provides teachers and parents with a means of daily communication concerning academic and behavior issues.

 Parent -Teacher Conferences: These meetings provide parents with information about the academic assessments used and the proficiency level of their children.

 Crisis Communication System: This electronic calling system enables the school to send important telephone messages to parents regarding scheduled events, meetings, and fundraisers.

 Curriculum Night: This event is held during the first month of school and allows parents the opportunity to participate in an open question/answer forum with the child's teacher to gain information regarding instruction, student assessment, and rules and expectations.

 Regular progress monitoring reports: These data are communicated to the parents several times a month through personal or telephone contact. Student work samples are sent home weekly for parent review. Copies of the Georgia Performance Standards are provided to parents along with Internet resources to support student achievement.

 Positive Phone Calls: Teachers telephone parents regularly to offer positive comments regarding student work and behavior.

 Email: All parents are offered the opportunity to communicate via email with administrators and teachers.

 Website: The school maintains a website that is updated at least monthly to include special announcements and important information. Student achievement is highlighted on the site.

 School Council: The School Council serves as a liaison for all parents. The council holds four meetings during the school year and participates in decision-making and policy review.

 PTO: The Parent Teacher Organization holds six meetings per year and serves as a vehicle to highlight students and communicate important information to parents.

 Liaisons: The DES Family Liaison will bring information and resources to parents and intervene to seek solutions for families in need.

 School Counselor: The school counselor provides community resources for parents and makes referrals for community-based services as needed.

The Parent Involvement Policy of Daughtry Elementary School is evaluated annually as to the effectiveness in increasing parent participation and identifying barriers to parent participation such as low income, disabilities, limited literacy, language or other cultural or ethnic considerations. These findings are used to design strategies for school improvements or to redesign the parent policies. All non-satisfactory parent comments regarding this parent involvement and system plan are collected and included with the plan and kept on file at the Butts County School System office.

A Title I session will be held during Curriculum night at the beginning of each school year.


Parents will be given a copy of the Parent Involvement Policy and the Parent/Student/Teacher compact.