E-SPLOST/Bond Referendum VOTE MARCH 21
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Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Board of Education will be sponsoring a public referendum vote to continue the penny sales tax currently in place (E-SPLOST) and the sale of bonds for capital needs for our school system's children and educational goals.  

E-SPLOST Frequently Asked Questions

As a citizen of Butts County, you will have the opportunity to vote on this important decision on March 21, 2017, and Early Voting begins Feb. 27 – March 17, from 8:00-5:00. There is NO Saturday voting. 

The last day to register to vote will be Feb. 21.

This is not a vote for a new tax. Instead, you will be deciding whether to continue the current tax.

Current plans for improvements if the E-SPLOST initiative is approved are:

1. A key focus of the board is improved SAFETY of students and staff. Thus, the first priority will be construction of re-designed safety entrances at all three elementary schools and the middle school. Additional safety fencing will also be installed at key areas of the JHS campus as well (the new JHS front entrance already has the new safety feature).

If E-SPLOST is approved this March 21, BCSS intends this summer to install new school entrances that protect our schools from intruders by ensuring unauthorized visitors are not permitted into the hallways without first being directed into the front offices. Thus, visitors will not be able to enter classrooms and hallways unless they go into the front office first and are allowed in the school. This will be one of the first projects completed for the safety of all of our students.

2. Renovation of HMS, including a new roof and new HVAC systems to prepare the building to serve our community the next 20 years. The state of GA has promised an additional approximately $3.0 million to add to the E-SPLOST funds to conduct this project because of the age of the building. Renovation will also include bathroom upgrades, cafeteria and kitchen equipment upgrades, flooring, painting, and ceiling and energy-efficient lighting.

3. Complete the renovation at JHS, including CTAE labs, new ceilings and energy efficient lighting, painting, flooring, and other repairs and upgrades.

4. Investment in Fine Arts Programs by modifying the old PE room at JHS into a new band and chorus room to accommodate instructional needs, program growth, and equipment storage. This will open up opportunities for additional computer lab and instructional space in the building. Funds from E-SPLOST would also be used to purchase music instruments, sound equipment, and furniture to accommodate band, drama, and chorus in our schools.

5. Investment in Athletic Programs by the addition of a combination band-practice/soccer field, varsity softball practice/playing field, and a safer, modern track facility that can host track meets in Butts County for middle and high schools. The facilities would be constructed on campus between HMS and JHS. The fields and facilities at Red Devil Hill would also benefit from repairs and upgrades to ensure the facility serves our community safely for years to come.

6. Finally, if approved, BCSS would continue to use E-SPLOST funds to upgrade instructional technology in the classroom, new textbooks, new science equipment, new library books, new buses, repairs/upgrades to offices and facilities/schools, and re-paving old parking lots that are in disrepair. 

 Whenever possible, BCSS would continue to use the penny sales tax (half of which is collected from people traveling on I-75 who do not live in Butts County) instead of property tax dollars.

Quick Facts: BCSS has lowered the property tax millage rate by almost 2 full mills since the last E-SPLOST cycle was approved in 2012. The current E-SPLOST cycle ends June 30, 2017, and BCSS will be debt free by September, 2017.


We cannot tell you how to vote, but we want to make all parents are informed about the vote on March 21 (early voting starts February 27) so that you can make an informed choice and ensure your voice (regardless of your vote) is heard.


If you have additional questions, please contact Superintendent Robert Costley at


The Butts County Board of Education voted on September 13, 2016, to oppose Governor Nathan Deal's Opportunity School District Constitutional Amendment ballot referendum in November, 2016. Please find a press release from the Butts County School District, along with a copy of the resolution to oppose signed by board chairman Johnny Morris.



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