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Students compete at Odyssey of the Mind
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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On March 10th DES students traveled to Lilburn to compete at Odyssey of the Minds. Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving competition.  Each team consists of 5-7 team members and a coach.  Students compete in two categories:  spontaneous and long-term.  In the spontaneous category, students are given a problem that they must solve on the spot.  They have a couple of minutes to think and then they must produce the solution.  In the long-term category, students are given a problem for which they spend months planning and designing their solution.  Each long-term solution includes an 8 minute skit with props and costumes.  Students must write the script, create the props, and make the costumes.  Coaches are not allowed to assist in any way.  Any outside assistance will result in penalty points for the team.

Our 5th grade TAG class participated this year.  They were split into two teams.  One team participated in the Classics  problem . . . Mockumentary! Seriously?  For this problem the team had to create a Mockumentary of a Classic Story.  Our team chose Charlotte's Web.  The other team participated  in the Performance problem . . . A Stellar Hangout.  This team had to create a humorous performance of an Intergalactic Hangout in the outreaches of the Universe that included original creatures, food, and a search for a space treasure.
Mockumentary Team -- Isabella Lee, Cereza Palacios, Riley Hanson, Riley Burkett, Genesis Smith, Alexis Campbell, Landen Anderson
Stellar Hangout Team -- Kathryn Christian, Dutch Guerrero, Alex Tello, Kaylee Tutton, Neal Patel, Jacob Bowers, Jacob King


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