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Press Release Regarding Student Make-Up Days
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Friday, January 19, 2018
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For Public Release

Butts County School System

January 19 , 2018

As of January 19 , 2018, severe weather has caused the cancellation of 6 school days for our students. This loss of academic time for our children is significant considering that our school calendar is 170 days this year.

In ligh t of these conditions and to protect the academic needs of our students , the Butts County School System is enacting the following school make - up plan and contingencies for students :


1. Students will make up one day of school on Monday, February 5, 2018. This day was previousl y scheduled as a “Teacher Work - Day,” and we are now scheduling the day as a regular student school day. All schools will operate normal classroom schedules on that day. Hopefully, most of our parents will find this change to be helpful, as they will not have to ar range day - care for children on that day.


2. If the school system has to cancel one more additional day of school after Friday, January 19 , before the Winter Break (February 19 - 23), students will make up three days of school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week (February 21, 22, and 23).


T he students and staff will still have holidays regardless on Monday and Tuesday of that week (February 19 a nd 20). In summary, if we miss one more day of school due to hazardous conditions before February 19 , the Winter Bre ak will be shortened to just Monday and Tuesday of that week as holidays . The rest of the week (Wed - Fri) will be normal school days.


Again, to clarify, if we miss one more day of school between now and Winter Break, students will have a holiday on February 19 and 20, and they will mak e up three days of school on February 21, 22, and 23.


3. If we miss any additional days between February 26 and March 16, students will make up a school day on March 19, which was previously scheduled as a teacher workday.   



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