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DES represented well at BCSS Literacy Day
Posted On:
Monday, January 23, 2017

On January 12th, students from DES competed against students from Stark and Jackson Elementary School at the anual BCSS Literacy Day. First place winners for the school system will compete against other regional counties at RESA Literacy Days on January 23rd & 24th (Ethan Massey, Neal Patel, Tenison Myricks, Riley Burkett, Samantha Patterson and the 3-5 Drama students). We wish these students the best!  *Photo credits Jackson Progress Argus

Poetry Recitation:  K  Ethan Massey, 1st Grade  Ella Crockarell, 2nd Grade  Rush Guerrero, 3rd Grade Mallory Lunsford, 4th Grade  Neal Patel, 5th Grade Tenison Myricks

Ready Writer:  3rd Grade  Ashley Hightower, 4th Grade Riley Burkett,  5th Grade Samantha Patterson


K-2nd Grade  Ryan Goodman, Rebekah Goodman, Brett Patterson, Ethan Massey, Samantha Smith, Jolie Lunsford, Maddison Moody, Emily Howell, Rush Guerrero, Jasper Guerrero.

3rd-5th Grade  Lorrelai Norwood, Tenison Myricks, Ansley Atkinson, Landen Anderson, Mallory Lunsford, McKenzie Mullis, Micah Cook, and Lincoln Sears.

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