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School Counselor Mrs. Staci Jones

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Welcome to the School Counseling/Guidance page!!  I look forward to working with your student this school year. 

School Counseling Program

The school counseling program is designed to be a comprehensive and developmental program that extends to every student in the school.  The program teaches the skills necessary for academic success, personal/social growth, and career awareness.

 Program Implementation  

The school counseling program in implemented through classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, individual counselor, responsive services, and referrals to outside agencies, if needed.

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons Throughout the year, I teach lessons to all grade levels.  These lessons are based on the needs of the students.  Examples of classroom guidance lessons are: Respect, Responsibilities, Making and Keeping Friends, Conflict Resolutions, Understanding Differences, Communication, Career Exploration, Working Together, Skills for School Success, and Safety
  • Small Group Counseling  Students with shares concerns or needs participate in small group counseling at school.  The sessions are 30-45 minutes in length and the group meets once a week for 6-8 weeks.  Parents, teachers, and administrators are encouraged to refer students for counseling groups. 
  • Individual Group Counseling  Sessions are designed to meet the specific need(s) of the individual.  Depending on the area of need, direct instruction of skills may take place, as well as, an opportunity to rehearse or practice the skill.  Referrals are initiated by parents, teachers, administrators, and students alike. 


Please contact me if I can assist your child in any way!!  Email:   OR  phone: 770-504-2356 ext. 6403