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Mr.  Michael  Jeffcoat
Kindergarten Paraprofessional

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     DES has forever changed my life. This will be my third set of Kinders and I can't wait to meet them. The staff at DES are so loving, and everyone here is a team player. We all work together in this field we call "teaching" and we all strive to meet one see children expand their capabilities to become successful people. I am currently in school working on my BA in Early Childhood Education. I am in the process of transfering from Georgia State to Souterhn Cresent. Some would say I wear many hats as a para, but I would say that I just desire to go above and beyond. If you think that being a teacher means only instrucinting children on academics in your classroom, then ou are haveily mistaken. Our roles vary and differ all depending on the circumstane and necessity that takes place. I can't wait to finish school and grow into a phenomenol educator. I truly am grateful for the leaders I train under and learn from. I enjoy reading and writing. I love church and fellowshipping with friends.